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Crafting Meowtastic Experiences

bluecurse is a small indie game studio founded by husband and wife Jordan and Erisa. The studio was formed in 2018 to mark the start of our first large-scale project. Driven by our own love of games we've played over the years, we hope to distill the essence of what makes video games enjoyable for us, and craft them into a new experience for our audience.

Our Current Project

Resident programmer, game designer, and cat photographer. Jordan "recursive" works as a database developer during the day, and a cat cuddler at night. When he's not coding away, he's absorbed in some sort of competitive game.

Personal Twitter

Erisa "enralis" handles the art and social media - for better or for worse. Trained in mostly 3D art, she enjoys dabbling in pixel art and illustration to smooth over her furrowed vertices. In her downtime, she likes watching Sims 4 let's plays while eating an exorbitant amount of Filet-O-Fish.

Personal Twitter
Momo & Mikan

The true masterminds behind the studio pulling all the strings. Momo likes to lay beside Jordan's keyboard and chew on it as a way to motivate him. Mikan lays in Erisa's office and gets fur everywhere.

Purrsonal Twitter